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In March 1970, the post purchased additional lots and on April 27, 1993, the City of Drake, which had received ownership of the Drake Cemetery from the Drake family estate, donated nine more lots to Post 32. The cemetery flag pole was erected following the 1970 purchase. Membership of Post 32 is composed of veterans from Anamoose, Balfour, Drake and Kief communities. It’s all time high membership was 130 in 1975, and its 1994 membership totaled 85. Representatives of the post attended the Legion’s first state convention at Bismarck in mid-October 1919. A brother, Alfred Nehrenberg, was a charter member of the post.

Was wounded in France and sent to a military hospital in England where he died sometime in 1918. He was initially buried at the American cemetery in England and later re-buried in a family plot at St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. He enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard at Grafton North Dakota on July 27, 1918. He served overseas from December 15, 1917 until he died on October 7, 1918 of wounds received in action.

It was time again to consider having larger quarters, and in May 1943 the members voted to buy the Jack MacDonald building for meetings and club activities. A month later, the former rail passenger coach was sold to Chris Krump of Fairmount on a high bid of $185. At the same post meeting, two outdoor toilets located at the Lake Elsie Legion park were sold to Fred Pankow — also on high bid — for $31.85. In 1968, the annual Legion department convention was held in Bismarck, the site of the first convention 50 years earlier.

Post 231 Dawson Nd

He was killed in action November 27, 1943, by a Japanese sniper bullet on the Island of Tarawa in the Gilbert Island chain. Tarawa was the scene of some of the fiercest fighting in WW II and became known as Bloody Tarawa. Rueben is buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Honolulu, Hawaii. The post was renamed Bangen-Moen Post 119 in honor of SSgt. Quentin R. Bangen and Sgt. Gerhard P. Moen, both from Plaza, who died in WW II battles. Shipped overseas in October 1942, Bangen served in the North African Theater, was awarded the Purple Heart and lost his life in Italy September 11, 1944. Moen served in the Infantry in Europe, was also awarded the Purple Heart and was killed June 11, 1944, during the Normandy invasion. The post is grateful to its sister organization, the Kindred Legion Auxiliary, which has helped the post in many ways. At one time the Auxiliary paid a fuel bill when the Legion was in financial difficulty.

The Legion post help impressive services on February 22, 1920, at which time French War memorials were presented to the next of kin of all men who made the supreme sacrifice. The Fourth of July celebration was a grand success that year. The Post has continued the Memorial Day tradition to the present time with graves of departed comrades being decorated with flags and flowers each year. The Albert Smith-Lewis Thune Post 148 received its national organizational charter on January 22, 1920. For many decades, our unit operated the canteen during events at the coliseum. This has been a major source of income to finance local Auxiliary programs and activities. The Paul Farup Post 147 received its national organizational charter on January 22, 1920. Memorial Day is always a special event, attended by about 200 people each year. Twenty large flags are displayed every year – eight at the community service, six at Mount Hope Cemetery, and six at Mount Calvary Cemetery. The local National Guard does a presentation of colors and the salute at the cemeteries with Taps being played by a local band member.

  • Fargo Post 2’s contributions to develop this project into the spring of 1994, when more than 2,900 Fargo-Moorhead youth were registered, totaled $215,974.
  • The community has appreciated the availability of this building in Milton.
  • The Auxiliary’s enthusiastic support and cooperation with the post over the years in serving the community have been outstanding and reflect upon the success of both organizations.
  • In any case, no credit check Installment loans North Dakota should only be used on serious needs.
  • In 1926, a new piano was purchased for the new city auditorium, and it was agreed that all organizations could use the piano free of charge.

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First Charter

The Post reorganized as the Gainer McAndrews Post 242 and received its second national charter on June 12, 1930. The John Anderson Post 240 received its national organizational charter on March 29, 1929. The Post disbanded and its charter was cancelled on May 4, 1934. The Post reorganized and received its second national organizational charter on December 15, 1938. The Lawrence Highbee Post 239, initially the Glen Ullin Post 239, received its national organizational charter on December 2, 1927. The Post reorganized as the Lawrence Highbee Post 239 and received it second national organizational charter on November 21, 1938.

Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota

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Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota

By agreeing to the terms of the loan, you are agreeing to pay back the loan and pay the principal and various loan fees included in the contract. Failure to pay back your loan according to the terms of your contract will result in additional fees and penalties. All non – payment fees and other potential fees will be set forth in the Loan Agreement, and you should refer to the Loan Agreement regarding specific non-payment fees. Active Duty separated veterans have a higher drop-out rate from college than other students of the same age. The Post will help them develop a connection to other veterans enrolled in the University, thereby re-establishing the camaraderie of belonging to an organization. On February 5, 1960, Post 301 was the recipient of the Special Certificate of Most Distinguished Service for enrolling a 1960 membership by November 11, 1959, equaling the total 1959 enrollment. From 1985 to 1987, Legion Post 299 undertook the clean-up of a vacant lot at the center of the town. The teamwork of the Legion members turned this lot into a beautiful setting for the entire community to enjoy. In the spring of 1987, the park was dedicated to the Manvel community.

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Of those initial contributions, $5,000 came from the Legion club, $1,000 each from the 40 and 8 voiture, past commanders club and Auxiliary Unit 2, and $500 from the post band. Standing tall in Legion baseball, even across the country, is Joe Parmer. He has served as chairman of Post 2’s baseball committee since 1954 and its team manager since 1964. He has been tournament chairman for every Eastern division and state tournament held in Fargo since 1964. Parmer also chaired the Region 6 tourneys and World Series hosted by Post 2, with assistance from Jim McLaughlin as co-chair. The Gift of Life program, which encourages people toward organ donation and participation in blood drives, has been a long-standing activity of Post 2. This was obviously the forerunner of the present emphasis on automobile daytime running lights. Gilbert C. Grafton Post also has given strong support to ROTC programs at NDSU and has been involved through the years in national security issues. Since its beginning, the members of Post #1 have never been hesitant to attack actions, utterances or displays which are not representative of true Americanism. In its early years of existence, Americanism and service to veterans, widows and orphans were the primary concerns of the organization.

On April 26, 1922, Post 248 was the recipient of the Certificate of Meritorious Service for surpassing its membership for 1921. By the end of 1974, our fire insurance became due and we didn’t have funds to pay the premium. While we were shopping for less expensive coverage, the policy lapsed. On January 11, 1975, the Legion building was destroyed by fire due to a faulty furnace. After six years of negotiations, the furnace Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota company settled for a sizeable sum. On May 25, 1953, the Legion agreed to permit the city to use the north wall of the building to construct an addition to the City Hall. On September 2, 1953, the Legion clubrooms were completed and open for business. Certificate of Meritorious Service for passing its membership for 1921. Just a few lines to let you know that I am still in the ring, but am, still in the hospital.

After a few years the program lapsed, but it was revived in 1963 and has been maintained continually since then. In recent years boys from Ashley, Lehr and Zeeland have also participated on our local team in addition to the players from Wishek. Our Auxiliary unit has been a great booster of our post, both in good times and bad. It provides Christmas parties, Legion Birthday parties, and picnics and conducts fund raisers along with supporting Girls State and other activities in the community. Persons who served in the armed forces of the United States during war time are eligible for membership. The original post consisted entirely of World War I veterans. Currently, there are members in the Wishek post who have served during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War. Ward Elon Bullis was born at Luverne, Minnesota on June 3, 1898. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at Lidgerwood, North Dakota on May 12, 1917.

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After three decades, our post continues to provide this joyful party during the holiday season. Department Vice-Commander Harry A. Kautzmann of Mandan recognized Hoovestol’s dedicated and continuous active involvement with the Legion. The name for the post was chosen in honor of two young men from this community killed in France in “Great War” military service for their country. Gottlieb Morlock; hence the North Dakota Department designation Mayer-Morlock Post 250. Edward Nicholas Weber was born at St. Martin, Minnesota on April 10, 1896. He was inducted at Mohall, North Dakota on January 31, 1918 and served overseas from May 6, 1918 until he was killed in action on May 23, 1918 in the sinking of the Moldavia. Nineteen World War I veterans organized LaBrash-Altringer Post 236 in November 1926. C.A. Stevens was elected the first post commander and A.E. World War II saw the Mountain community again sending its most precious possession to keep America and the world free. The post saw an increase in membership after The American Legion charter was amended on October 29, 1942, allowing veterans of World War II to join the organization.

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