Natural Gas Futures Continue Downward Spiral On Weak Cash Demand, Uncertain Outlook For Weather, Lng

downward demand spiral

Today, Chinese state media or pro-Beijing private outlets are more influential, and thus more able to encourage diaspora voters to hold perspectives similar to Beijing’s and to back policies in their home countries that are advantageous to the CCP. ThePeople’s Daily, for example, touts itself to potential foreign followers of its Facebook page as “the biggest newspaper in China,” making no mention of the fact that it is the CCP’s official mouthpiece. The state-runChina Daily’s “China Watch” supplement, which has been published in mainstream media outlets across 30 countries —including in theWashington Post, New York Times, and theSydney Morning Herald—rarely includes explicit mention of the Chinese outlet’s official ties. Chinese state media publications distributed in other countries routinely omit any mention of government links that would signal their origin to uninitiated news consumers. Indeed, it is precisely because news consumers in many countries are typically not attracted to or convinced by Chinese government propaganda that layers of obfuscation are employed to distance content from its authoritarian origins. The strategies Chinese officials, state media, and other actors employ to exercise influence over media around the world have the potential to undermine key features of democratic governance and best practices for media freedom. In “The Illiberal Toolbox for Co-opting the Media,” Zselyke Csaky analyzes the toolbox that democratically elected but illiberal leaders use to co-opt the media.

downward demand spiral

The CCP also embeds its narratives in foreign media through proxies and allied figures, including Chinese diplomats, friendly media owners and journalists, and foreign politicians with business interests in China. Similarly, former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder—who has profited after leaving office by aiding German companies in their contacts with Chinese officials—dismissed the mass detentions as “gossip” in a 2018 interview with Reuters. In the developing world in particular, the CCP’s foreign propaganda efforts appear to have had some effect in boosting or retaining a positive image of China, and Xi Jinping personally. These efforts have already undercut key features of democratic governance and best practices for media freedom by undermining fair competition, interfering with Chinese diaspora communities, weakening the rule of law, and establishing channels for political meddling. Stand up publicly for the value of a free press, and support civic education that will inform the next generation. Press freedom is one of the most fundamental pillars of American democracy, and constitutional protections in the United States are stronger than in any other country in the world.

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Studies have shown that dubious information intended to spark outrage gains greater visibility on social media than more sober, truthful content. The platforms’ own algorithms appear designed to amplify content that generates high levels of engagement, even if the result is a rush to ever greater extremes. These dynamics mean that content disseminated by a very small but coordinated and radical network of individuals or accounts—including those orchestrated by undemocratic parties or regimes—can easily overshadow the views of the more moderate majority. For example, in Sri Lanka the authorities disseminated a photo of a woman on national television, alleging that she was involved in the Easter attacks. They realized only later, after internet users traced the photo to a US-based student, that it was a case of mistaken identity.

downward demand spiral

The improvements in these countries also point to the resilience of independent journalism, even after years of repression. In Malaysia and Ecuador, the lifting of political pressure on the media allowed independent outlets to rebound from censorship and previously progovernment outlets to produce less obsequious coverage. In Ethiopia, outlets that had been operating from abroad were able to return to the country. In The Gambia, persecuted journalists returned from exile, and more locals have decided to enter the profession. Experience has shown, however, that press freedom can rebound from even lengthy stints of repression when given the opportunity. The basic desire for democratic liberties, including access to honest and fact-based journalism, can never be extinguished, and it is never too late to renew the demand that these rights be granted in full.

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But much remains unclear about the criteria of such a system, beyond a reference that the State Administration of Market Reform made in January in the context of anti-monopoly regulations. Jon’s improvement prompted his neurology team to move him to inpatient rehabilitation, where he stayed for 30 days. During that time, he slowly built back his strength and regained the ability to walk and move independently. In early October 2015, Jon was released from the hospital, and Kris brought him home.

  • Preliminary data indicate a 12.5 mb build in December, which would see stocks rise to their widest surplus versus the five‐year average since August 2010.
  • Similarly, Serbia has also undermined press freedom through politicized manipulation of the law.
  • The basic desire for democratic liberties, including access to honest and fact-based journalism, can never be extinguished, and it is never too late to renew the demand that these rights be granted in full.
  • However, the ability of the CCP to achieve its desired goals through its foreign media influence campaigns is still contested.
  • A significant number of additional expirations are expected in the next five years.

Operating income effects of denominator-level choice and disposal of production-volume variance (continuation of 9-37) Required 1. If EBL sells all 250,000 bulbs produced, what would be the effect on operating income of using each type of capacity as a basis for calculating manufacturing cost per… At one time it was believed that deflation would eventually cure itself, as economists reasoned that low prices would spur demand. Later, during the Great Depression, economists challenged that assumption and argued that central banks needed to intervene to ramp up demand with tax cuts or more government spending. In 2019, patent expiries totaling nearly $8 billion in U.S. annual sales opened up substantial opportunities for creating generic counterparts. A significant number of additional downward demand spiral expirations are expected in the next five years.

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She should give due consideration to situational factors when trying to understand behavior or outcomes, especially for supposedly weaker performers. Enjoy more of the EPS news you love — electronics, supply chain, distribution, and industry resources — right in your inbox.

downward demand spiral

As a journalist, he has extensively covered business and tech news in the U.S. and Asia. He has produced multimedia content that has garnered billions of views worldwide. In the above case m We noticed that , Change in Unit Production capacity and impact on Manufacturing cost as well as Selling Price .

Supply Fears Keep Pressure On Natural Gas Forward Prices

The factors which externally alter pricing decisions are the kind of market in which the product will be introduced, the aspects of customer negotiation and behaviour towards the item. Other factors are the prices fixed by opponents on similar products, price restrictions placed by authorities, and social conditions.

  • In the Czech Republic, lawyers representing the powerful Chinese energy and financial conglomerate CEFC sent letters threatening lawsuits over articles linking the firm’s owner to Chinese military intelligence.
  • Violence and harassment aimed at particular journalists and media outlets have played some role in 63 percent of the countries with a press freedom score reduction over the past five years.
  • Conversely, getting off to a bad start can trigger a downward performance spiral that can deplete your energy and productivity, your subordinates’, and the entire team’s.
  • The CCP has also successfully co-opted media owners, who then marginalize critical reporting in their own outlets, notably in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and outlets serving the Chinese diaspora.
  • In perhaps the most concerning development of recent years, press freedom has come under unusual pressure in the United States, the world’s leading democratic power.

Gross domestic product is the monetary value of all finished goods and services made within a country during a specific period. Debt deflation is when a fall in prices, ages, and asset values leads to increases in the real burden of debt on borrowers. Full BioMichael Boyle is an experienced financial professional with more than 10 years working with financial planning, derivatives, equities, fixed income, project management, and analytics.

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An even more worrying form of financial pressure in Serbia is the harassment of media by the tax authorities. In 2017, the weeklyVrjanske novinereceived daily visits, which coincided with its publication of an interview with a former head of the tax authority; its owner ultimately announced that the paper could no longer withstand the pressure, and it ceased operations. In 2018, the news site Juzne Vesti, known for its critical reporting in the south of Serbia, was subjected to its fifth months-long tax investigation in five years. Over the past few years, a new toolbox has emerged that illiberal leaders in fragile democracies deploy to control and co-opt the press, with the aim of ensuring their stay in power. This toolbox leaves out tactics like censorship, force, or outright intimidation of journalists. Instead, it contains a collection of methods used to harness structural conditions. Once successful co-optation has taken place, media are incorporated into the system as building blocks that prop up those in power.

  • But journalists are skeptical of such declarations by the junta, and they have joined other protesters in pressing for a transfer of power to civilian leaders who can oversee a genuine democratic opening.
  • Officials from democratic countries should stay on alert for such illiberal tactics, carefully research false claims, and use their findings to refute them.
  • According to Freedom House’sFreedom in the Worlddata, media freedom has been deteriorating around the world over the past decade, with new forms of repression taking hold in open societies and authoritarian states alike.
  • Though outright harassment is rare in Hungary, the government makes sure journalists know their place.
  • Regulators struck again in 2016, when the authority refused to renew the broadcasting license of the country’s most popular radio station, Class FM. After a protracted court case, Class FM’s frequency was awarded to a progovernment outlet in 2018.

The best remedy for bad or erroneous speech remains more and better speech, not enforced silence. Yet on today’s online platforms, undemocratic and illiberal actors seem to have a louder megaphone.

However, the ability of the CCP to achieve its desired goals through its foreign media influence campaigns is still contested. Critical reporting about Chinese government actions within and outside of China appears with regularity, reaching large audiences. A number of independent Chinese-language media in Hong Kong, the United States, and elsewhere have become more professionalized and influential over the past several years. Civil society groups, media owners, and former officials in countries where Chinese influence is expanding have begun to speak out and urge their governments to uphold good governance standards when considering Chinese investment in communications infrastructure. In order to address the information gap on the ground in Venezuela, some media outlets have also forged direct relationships with subsets of the population.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the company recalled its treadmills, following reports of 70 injuries and one child death while people were using the treadmill. In August, the company released a new treadmill with updated safety features.

Tetco Natural Gas Pipeline Expansions To Feed Newly Sanctioned Plaquemines Lng Facility

This article is for those who are willing to enroll in a supply chain program in US universities. Remember not every country has offering vast programmes in supply chain management. People hire essay writer cheap for their supply chain assignments and thesis reports. A quarter of all ISM respondents also cited shortages as a significant problem. The electronics industry – one of the ISM’s largest market segments downward demand spiral – continues to struggle with component allocation and long lead times. Although some component makers have seen softening demand, the industry’s two largest global distributors have told analysts they expect growth to continue. Companies that have multiple global factories are shifting production around, while other business continue to evaluate where to set up their manufacturing operations, Fiore said.

Rates of trust in the media seem to move together with those of trust in government—explaining part of the current crisis. Although Chinese government efforts to use media influence for electoral meddling have been limited, important incidents have recently emerged. In Taiwan, several examples of “fake news” stories and doctored images originating in China tainting the reputation of the Taiwanese government have spread widely on social media, with some picked up and reported as fact by Taiwanese news stations.

This frame provides a provocative conceptual tool for identifying and reasoning about the complexities of reforming education systems to meet social, political and academic demands that have evolved considerably over the last several decades. Indeed, unlike many frameworks, it presses the researcher to adopt a long-term perspective and, in doing so, to notice how the hand of history propels changes to society and culture and how these lead to new political dynamics that themselves influence educational policy and practice. Incentives will likely intersect with government efforts to mobilize data for national strategic goals like industrial upgrading. With corona lockdowns posing a major challenge to economic growth, the Politburo has also emphasized job creation. Digital service companies had been shedding workers at a time when a large new batch of graduates is preparing to enter the job market.

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